We will provide a letter of engagement with our Terms and Conditions and Information for clients when we receive instructions.  This will include an estimate of the cost we expect to charge.  Our usual charges, including GST and disbursements for some standard straightforward transactions are as follows:

Purchase with a mortgage:   Between $1,500.00 to $2,025.00                             

Sale with a mortgage:  Between $1,260 and $1,850.00                                       

Refinancing: $965.00

Wills:   Basic will for a single person - $300.00   For a couple - $540.00

Enduring Powers of Attorney (both Property and Personal Care and Welfare)    

For a single person - $500.00     For a couple - $765.00          

Probate - $1,500.00 for a straightforward probate application, plus filing fee $200.00 plus GST and disbursements                                           

Transmission - $570.00    Other estate administration costs will depend on the time involved.

Additional Fees:   There are additional fees for other attendances such as Kiwisaver withdrawal applications for a first home purchase ($125.00 each application) and Housing NZ subsidy($125.00 per application, Pre Contract advice up to $200 and preparation of an Agreement for sale and purchase - $240.00

There are also additional fees if the title to the property is complex, such as a unit title (requiring pre-contract and pre-settlement disclosure statements) or a cross lease title, or the property is rented (change of landlord forms and rental apportionments required); if there is a large amount of email correspondence outside the basic required for a straightforward transaction..  We also charge for company or trustee resolutions and guarantees.

For complex or unusual transactions we will advise our hourly rate and an indication of the cost for work that is known and provide an updated estimate as work progresses.  The additional work will be charged on the basis of the factors set out in our terms of engagement.  Janet Williams' current hourly rate is $300.00 per hour.  This rate may be changed.